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Forgotten or Incorrect Passwords

If you have forgotten or cannot login with the password you are using, please fill out the form with all required information and your password will be manually reset within 24-48 business hours.

Reset Password Form

Missing Courses on Your Account

Courses are downloaded from Topnet the second week of each semester or term (end of the first week for each summer term). Students who register late, have late fees, holds on their account, etc., may not appear in the appropriate course rosters.

To Resolve this Issue:

Contact the Instructor for the course. They can add you to the course roster using your WKU ID.

* If your Instructor needs assistance adding you to the roll, he/she may contact Educational Technology.

Problems Uploading Files

If you are having problems uploading files or your instructor is having problems opening files, please read below:

Attention ALL Users:
  The use of special characters such as #, $, &, %, *, ?, or SPACES may cause your Instructor to be unable to open your file.  Please rename before you try the upload process or save the file without these characters and then upload the file into the Portfolio System. 

File size limit:  There is a 100mb file size per upload.  If your files is larger than 100mb, you will receive an error.

Attention Mac Users: Macs do not add the file extension that PC users need to open the file.  You will need to re-save your file with the correct extension and then upload the file. 

Here are some common file types:   

Word Documents .doc or .docx 
Excel Documents .xls or .xlsx 
Powerpoint Documents .ppt or .pptx 
Web Pages .htm or .html 

Removing Files from your Portfolio 

Students/Faculty cannot remove files from the Portfolio System. Only system administrators can remove files. Please provide all required information on the following form:

Request a File be Removed

These requests are processed in the order they are received and generally within 24-48 business hours. If you do not provide all of the information on the form as described on the page, your request may not be completed.

Other questions or concerns

Please contact the Portfolio Administrator at