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top  Faculty Login 
Faculty will login using your WKU ID and Portfolio System password.  If you have forgotten your password you can go  Here and request to have your password reset.
top Faculty Main Screen 
top Account Settings 
Faculty members can change their first name, last name, email address, and email preferences.  If the email preferences box is checked (default) the faculty members will receive email messages from the Portfolio System when students complete uploads for each critical performance.  If the box is unchecked, the faculty member will not receive these messages. 
top Faculty Score Report
The faculty score report provides a complete listing of all scores entered for a particular course.  It also allows a faculty member to download a copy of these scores to Excel.  
top View Course Roster 
This option allows faculty member to view the course roster for each course, add students to the course roster who do not appear, and remove students from the roster who are no longer in the course.  Student's names will appear next to their WKU ID after they have registered in the system.  If there is a WKU ID that does not have a name associated with it, that means the student has NOT registered in the Portfolio System.  The faculty member will need to have the student register in the system before thier name will appear. 
top View Critical Performances 
This option will allow Faculty members to view all the critical performances for a course, prompts and rubrics for each critical performance associated with that course, and then view all uploads for each of those critical performances. 
top Scoring a Performance 
This option allows faculty members to add new scores for a student's critical performance, view all previous scores entered, and then provides links back to viewing uploads by Critical Performance or By Student.